AVX Console


Digital Signage offers an advanced alternative to traditional media. It is revolutionizing the advertising industry by allowing centralized and rapid updates of content and immediate delivery to specific audiences in specific locations.
The AVX Console is a USB, VGA, RS-232 serial and
stereo audio AV extender that works over CAT x UTP. The AVX Console is an excellent choice for the last stretch of your Digital Signage signal path from your computer, server, or media player to the LCD or Plasma screens.


To attract your target audiences, you need to deliver effective messages with high impact, eye-catching images. The AVX Console provides crisp, clean, sharp images at 300m (1000’) away, both in Standard and High Definition resolutions and at an affordable price. With experience gained through the broadcast television field, Digital Multitools’ award winning engineers understand and recognize the importance picture quality. The AVX Console is capable of retaining high image quality with even the smallest titles, logos, and tickers running across the screen.
The installation of the AVX Console within a broadcast facility provides the benefits of a quiet environment for video editors and graphic artists, and the advantage of a centrally secured, temperature controlled area for technicians to perform regular maintenance.


  • Works directly out of the box
  • Automatic calibration for different cable lengths
  • Automatic color skew and sharpness detail with manual control thru serial port.
  • Two RS-232 ports for monitor control, touch screen and other serial devices
  • Popular resolutions of 1600x1200 to 1920x1200
  • CD stereo audio quality for speakers and microphones
  • Flexible video and audio distribution to multiple screens
  • Ideal for extending mouse, keyboard , stereo audio, single or dual screens in a broadcast television environment
  • Mounting brackets for easy installation

Detailed Specifications (.pdf)