CMX CAT-5 Series


Enterprise-Class Matrix CAT5e KVM Switch (16/32 Ports)

The CMX series are 16 or 32 input CAT5 matrix KVM switches, with 1, 2 or 4 remote users. This product solves all your important remote access problems.

  • Internet remote access
  • 1–4 independent remote IP users
  • CAT-5 Based Cabling
  • USB Virtual Media
  • USB and PS/2 Support
  • Terminal Emulator


  • CMX1116 and CMX1132 have three independent channels:
    1) one IP;
    2) local analog VGA and
    3) a remote stationport (up to 300 Meters distance extended).
  • The CMX4116/CMX4132 has two/four independent remote IP channels.
  • Local video connection on both front and back.
  • Supports either PS/2 or USB as local keyboard and mouse.
  • Remote analog user requires User Station, connected over CAT5e cable.
  • Supports control of serial devices over serial ports, Telnet and SSH login.
  • Has built-in VT102 (ANSI) compatible terminal emulator that may be accessed from local ports.
    Terminal mode allows remote shells via SSH or Telnet to any available device on network.
  • Supports virtual media for all of the 32 servers (USB dongle required).


This product solves all your important remote access problems. It connects to virtually any device via USB or
PS/2 adapters. Servers can be up to 10 meters away (30ft), and low-cost CAT-5e cables are easily made on-site.

This CAT5 switch is unique in that it cost-effectively adds remote TCP/IP access to all those servers. Any VNC client can be used remotely or the provided Java Applet which runs in nearly any browser.

We recommend connecting all servers via our USB emulating dongle, since it solves all so-called ‘mouse synchronization’ issue which plagued certain earlier-generation products. A USB disk drive is emulated, as well as the keyboard and mouse, so that you can access a CD/DVD-ROM image (ISO file) remotely, or transfer key files between systems (and your web browser) by way of a shared RAM disk.

Two users can be directly connected to any server, using a VGA display and keyboard/mouse. One is local to the KVM’s location and might be a KVM drawer in the same rack. It could also be a ‘crash cart’ connected via the front panel VGA connector (with USB keyboard/mouse). Using a special CAT-5 output port and the CMXD100 User Station, another person can access any server port from a distance of up to 300m (1000 ft). Both of these ‘local’ users do not interfere with TCP/IP access in any way.

Our unique remote user-station (CMXD100) has dual input ports so up to 64 servers can be directly controlled from a single point. Local users, in addition to immediate real-time access to all servers, may also use our build-in terminal emulator which simulates a VT100 (ANSI) terminal and provides serial port access, SSH (Secure Shell) and Telnet access to any device on the local network (LAN). This is handy for communicating with power bars and other simple devices which provide Telnet/SSH access. Frequently used connections can be saved into a menu for easy use anytime. The CMX Series will create a new class of enterprise CAT5 switch with integrated TCP/IP remote access. It is a full-featured product at a surprisingly low price.

Detailed Specifications (.pdf)