Single Channel KVM-Over-IP Appliance

  • Fastest over LAN
  • Least bandwidth
  • 16 Bit color picture
  • USB File transfer
  • End to end encryption
  • Dual Ethernet
  • VNC open source client
  • RoHS compliant
  • USB, PS/2, KVM Support

Today’s corporation runs servers in various locations, even on different continents. And as more firms outsource applications, they must monitor the physical servers that house those applications. This makes dependable control of a server’s BIOS an important link to essential data. That’s why Digital Multitools offers the DMT-320 Single Channel KVM-over-IP appliance – so administrators can manage multiple servers via the DMT-320 platform-independent, light-bandwidth remote server controller.


Full control means precisely that.
Remote CD-ROM emulation and the DMT-320’s unique virtual USB drive lets administrators:
• transfer files to servers • install software on servers • upgrade a server’s operating system
• reset and reboot servers • watch a reset or reboot process

The controller itself hosts the web-based control application, so you need no extra software or licensing.

The DMT-320 handles more than just servers. You can also remotely control appliances and systems that have an RS-232 serial port like many:
• alarm systems • environmental controls • switches • routers • Unix serial consoles

Ensure remote access to your systems, whether they’re in your building or in another country, with enterprise-class KVM-over-IP from Digital Multitools.


Distributed computing configurations make dependable, high-quality KVM-over-IP essential in any of the following circumstances:

  • accessing servers secured in machine rooms.
  • accessing co-located servers
  • acquiring BIOS level remote access to servers at co-location facilities and ISPs
  • accessing corporate datacenter appliances (e.g. switches, routers, alarm systems, environmental controls, and others)
  • managing outsourced servers and other IT hardware


The DMT-320 includes an onboard Web Server that you can use to configure and administer the unit using a low-bandwidth Java-enabled web browser and your choice of operating system. You can even use this simple, lightweight application over a dialup connection.
The DMT-320 is flash-upgradeable, so you can upgrade your KVM-over-IP appliance from a remote location.

Detailed Specifications (.pdf)