USB Laptop Console

Handheld KVM Access for Laptops

The USB Laptop Console is a trusted friend whether you are deep in the racks or out in the field.
Don’t leave your desk without it!

  • View video (VGA) on a laptop screen.
  • Control mouse and keyboard.
  • Fully hot-plugable. No reboot for server.
  • Small, portable with no power supply.
  • No drivers or software on server.
  • Windows and Mac OS X laptops.


  • View the video produced by a server on your laptop screen, without rebooting or changing it in any way.
  • USB keyboard and mouse is emulated so that you can interact with the server as a window on your laptop.
  • Real-time video scaling allows you to always see the entire screen, even on small laptop displays.
  • Software provided for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Supports video up to 1920x1200 and all standard VESA video modes.


The USB Laptop Console can replace your rolling cart with monitor, keyboard and mouse. Now you can use your existing laptop to connect to the video port of any server in trouble. Useful also on field calls, where video monitors are not always where you want them. With the flexibility of a USB cable, you can position your laptop wherever it is easiest to work—perhaps even on your lap!

Detailed Specifications (.pdf)