Essential I.T. Products


Digital Multitools serves diverse industries with an essential array of trademark and custom I.T. products.

  • I.T. professionals in data centres rely on our portable Digital Crash Cart and KVM tools

  • Equipment operators in the medical industry use custom KVM for remote access to sterile environments

  • FAA Air Traffic Control centres use our KVM-Product to switch high resolution radar images between monitors

  • Mining and drilling industries in rugged and remote environments use our battery powered wifi relay product.


Digital Crash Cart

Our standard Digital Crash Cart is used by thousands of IT professionals. This helpful tool can be carried along with their primary laptop when making service calls to data centres. Available in both standard and rugged versions.

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Digital KVM over IP

As pioneers in digital KVM, our classic KVM over IP product (DMT-320) is deployed in data centres around the world, as a permanent remote access point, often with a KVM switch as part of the configuration.

Our next generation, hand-held digital KVM product, DMT-303, will be available for purchase in autumn 2019.

Custom Solutions


Digital Multitools has an outstanding record customizing mission-critical products for leading technology companies. We pride ourselves not only on our engineering talent but on our proven ability to manage innovative development projects and custom jobs on time and under budget.

• A customized version of our KVM-IP product is integrated into equipment used in the medical industry, to allow operators control or the equipment without having to be physically present in a secure, sterile environment.

• A custom battery-powered product allows remote wifi access in areas where no power or network infrastructure exists.

• A fully custom KVM switch is deployed in FAA Air Traffic Control centres to switch high resolution radar images between monitors. We also developed a fully custom USB interface device to extend the life of legacy user controllers, when the station computers were upgraded to USB connectivity.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements. We are happy to discuss any product modifications and customization and can quickly mobilize to get the job done.